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Hotel EDEN Piešťany, Piešťany Accommodation

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HOTEL EDEN Piešťany, Piešťany accommodation and SPA stay in Piešťany in hotel Eden:


HOTEL EDEN is located in the city centre on one of the most visible places of Piešťany's quiet pedestrian zone. It is located in the proximity of the balneal facilities, city park and attractive landscape which all form part of the forest park Červená Veža and water reservoir Sĺňava. You will be enchanted by the hotel pleasant balneal and recreational atmosphere. It is suitable for relaxation stays, salespeople but also for family celebrations, work meetings, trainings and various company events.
The surrounding of the hotel can offer you, apart from relaxation, sport facilities, tennis, golf, bowling, squash, water skiing using ski-tow, cycling tours for both recreational and advanced cyclists.

Four floors of the hotel offer you accommodation in elegantly furnished single and double rooms and in comfortable suites with the total capacity of 58 beds. All rooms have balconies, their own bath and toilets. The equipment of the rooms includes satellite TV, radio and telephone. First floor luxury suite provides truly exceptional comfort. You will be pleased to find mini-bar in both suites. The whole ground floor of the hotel gives you the chance to access the internet via internal WIFI network.

ACCOMMODATION - SUITE: Each suite has two separate rooms – a bedroom and a living room. There are 2 beds in the bedroom and the living room offers the possibility to add 2 extra beds. The suite has a TV set with a satellite reception, telephone, radio and a fan.

Rooms of this type are divided into a separate accommodation and hygienic part. Each room has 2 beds with the possibility to add an extra bed. They have a TV with a satellite reception, telephone, radio and some rooms have also a fan.

Type of rooms
1 bedroom2 bedroomAdditional bed

Furnishings of rooms: rooms in balcony, bathtub, shower, toilet in room, safe, frige, TV, telefon, radio, internet Connection, minibar, crib available, hairdryer, Shared Bathroom, Shared Toilet, sink in the room

Basic information: lift, barrier-free Access, secretary services, laundry, air-conditioning, Information service, medical services to hand, paid shuttle, depository bicycle, non-smoking rooms, safety box, reserved parking Lot, parking lot, locking car park, massage salon, manicure, Internet Connection, cosmetic Salon, barber - hairdresser, pets allowed

Credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, EuroCard/MasterCard, JCB, Maestro, Visa

Number of floors: 4

Elevation above-sea-level: 162

Accessibility of facility:

Name of centre: přímo v centru

Name of train stop: (2,5 km)

Airport name: (80 km)

Bus terminal name: (2,5 km)

Railway station name: (2,5 km)

Mass transportation stop name: (250 m)

Store: (100 m)

Thermal spa: (800 m)

Spa services:

Description of spa facility:

Curative effects of sauna have been known for a long time. Hot air in sauna induces perspiration and excretion of harming substances; it opens skin pores, improves skin perfusion, elasticity and appearance. It increases the rate of metabolism, has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect and kills acaroids which live on the surface of a human body. Sauna also helps with certain allergies, eczema, candidosis and mycotic infections, acne and skin diseases. It has proved curative effects in asthma, inflammations and allergies of airways. Sauna has anxiolitic and relaxing effects.

Finnish sauna: The effect of sauna on organism is multiple. Significant skin perfusion is mainly due to high temperature (60 to 110 °C; minimal air humidity 10 – 30 %). Sauna in certain ways regulates the blood pressure (individuals with high blood pressure should be careful when using sauna), and the body temperature increases of 1 – 2 °C in average. Both increased perfusion and overheating can improve muscle and joint locomotion, eventually can provide pain relief. Increased temperature activates the function of sebaceous glands what helps to excrete contaminated substances, which is important for cosmetics. Sauna belongs to the most universal hardenous procedures and it is also significant regarding to prevention of a number of cold diseases.

WELLNESS - MASSAGES: Before taking massage we recommend peat wrap or pre-heating in sauna. Massage contraindications: infectious diseases: hepatitis, HIV, fungal diseases, verrucas, other infectious diseases, malignancies, varices, osteoporosis, bleeding disorders, purulent skin disease.
Please do not forget to mention the following: high blood pressure, other serious health problems.

Classical massage: Belongs to the basic curative means and has outstanding curative effects. It stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system; it helps to eliminate toxins from the body and to preserve the elasticity of skin. It has a beneficial effect on nervous system and overall state of organism.

Relaxing massage: Very relaxing. It is suitable mainly for the treatment of back pain and the whole body pain, which is the result of daily overload and stress of organism. It has immense prophylactic effect and only minimal contraindications. The whole body massage using relaxation oils intensively effects against stress, depression and exhaustion of the organism. Generally, it has a very relaxing effect.

Sport massage: Specific type of 'classical massage' conducted in higher tempo with higher intensity of the pressure and frequency of single strokes. It is suitable mainly after excessive workload, period of non-training before a performance and in cases of excessive muscle pain; generally it helps relax after tiredness caused by sport activity.

Aroma Therapy massage: Raindrop Technique - new in use of the true aromatherapy highly concentrated oils. Pre-massage diagnosis, massage of the back by using the set of minimum 9 oils from which only three drops are used and gently spread over the whole back using feather touch.

Reflex massage of feet and spine: Reflex massage of feet is one of the most effective methods of alternative medicine. Reflex therapy uses pressure and massage of reflex zones. By applying pressure on given area or point the signal is transmitted to particular organ, so the effect is immediate, which is of great importance in pain or acute problems. This method stems from the fact that reflex plates corresponding with the particular organ are located on every surface of human body. It is a well-known fact that our foot reflects our human body, which means that this method can be quite reliably used in diagnostics. Whether you suffer from chronic or acute disease, or you simply try to find the way of decreasing the stress, reflex massage can give you the answer to your problem. Reflex therapy uses pressure and massage of reflex zones on the foot.
Honey massage: One of the old approved healing detoxicating method. It embodies a simple massage which uses exceptional effects of honey (mainly detoxicating effects) and the strokes of the masseur. The result is removal of old sediments and toxic substances from the depth of human tissues whereby it also achieves anti-cellulitis effects. Furthermore, this massage can favourably influence other organs through single reflex zones. The massage is suitable mainly for women.


Peat bath: Peat bath is prepared from well crumbled and wet peat with a high degree of humidification. It increases perfusion, improves muscle function and it also supports faster absorption of bruises. Intensive curative effects of the peat favourably influence especially those who suffer from rheumatism, aching spine, joint arthrosis or other disorder of locomotion system. It is also used for the treatment of pain. Due to its thermal inertia it is not recommended to individuals with heart problems. The bath lasts 15 minutes.

Peat bath with curative salt: The bath is enriched by adding of curative salt from the Dead Sea, whereby its beneficial effect is increased.

Magnesium bath: Magnesium bath with the water temperature from 36 to 37 °C lasts 20 minutes and helps in the treatment of skin, cardiovascular and gynaecological diseases, in rheumatism and arthritis. It can also be used in the treatment of muscle spasms and joint pain, in increasing of overall immunity of organism, after sunburn and in stress and excessive sweating.

Whirlpool bath: Whirlpool bath has a sensitive effect thanks to its gentle massage; it relaxes muscle tonus and psychical stress. It is used in locomotion system diseases, to improve limbs perfusion, scars healing and it helps with sleep disorders. Water temperature is 36 – 37 °C; the bath lasts 15 – 20 minutes. It is indicated in neurosis, sleep disorder and headaches.

Bath with curative salt: Bath into which curative salt from the Dead Sea is added. It serves for the massage of the whole body. The whirl effect of such bath is suitable for nursing the conditions due to trauma, inflammations, in disorders of nervous system and in nursing the conditions after exhaustion of nervous-muscle system of the limbs. It may also be used in regeneration of upper and lower extremities after excessive physical exercise, e.g. sport performance.

Sulphur bath: Sulphur bath is characterised mainly by penetration of sulphides from mineral water into the skin, which creates the deposits of sulphur in the skin. From here the sulphur penetrates gradually into other structures of connective tissues (ligament, cartilage, tendons etc.). This bath has curative effects and it is recommended especially in the treatment of rheumatism, in digestive disorders, allergies and skin diseases, mainly psoriasis. Moreover, sulphur has favourable effects in the treatment of asthma and other respiratory diseases. Sulphur baths are of great significance in the treatment of joint diseases; this is due to a fact that the structures containing sulphur are reduced precisely on the damaged cartilage. However, the therapy using heat is suitable only after the inflammation recedes, i.e. during chronic phase. The bath has generally relaxing and calming effect. Temperature of mineral sulphur bath is usually 36 – 38 °C (exceptionally up to 40 °C); it lasts 20 minutes (sometimes it may be reduced to 15 minutes by medical doctor). It is necessary to take off all metal accessories (especially silver) before the initiation of bath. After the bath is finished, the individual does not take shower nor does he/she dry off. Instead, they rest in a dry wrap.

CO2 bath: It is prepared by saturation of mineral water which is cooled to the temperature of 32 – 34 °C using food carbon dioxide from pressure bottle. Carbon dioxide bath has to contain minimum of 1000 mg of free CO2 in 1 kg of water. Lower temperature of water is needed to dissolve enough CO2 in water. Initial sensation of cold is altered after 10 seconds with the sensation of pleasant warmth. The water must not be stirred or whirled excessively, and the individual should stay without any movement in order to prevent excessive accumulation of CO2 above the water surface. Such bath decreases blood pressure, improves heart function and perfusion of organism. The bath lasts from 15 to 20 minutes followed by dry wrap up to 15 minutes. The procedure is suitable for all indication groups, especially for patients with heart and vessel disorders, including brain vascular disease, hypertension, thrombophlebitis, diabetic vascular complications, osteoporosis, spine diseases, but also for post-operative, post-traumatic and rheumatic diseases of locomotion system.

Spa services: Spa Hotel / House


Description of restaurant:

You can enjoy special Slovak and international cuisine in a pleasant hotel restaurant with the capacity of 80 seats. Breakfast and dinners a la buffet style are also served here. Lunch can be chosen from the daily menu which includes a soup, 4 types of main course, salad and a dessert. The restaurant premises are also suitable for organising family parties, weddings or various company events.

WINEHOUSE: We offer you a wide selection of both the Slovak and the international cuisine in the Malokarpatska winehouse which is joined with a summer terrace with the capacity of 40 + 44 seats.


Sport activity opportunities:
Minigolf (2,5 km), Bowling (2,5 km), Bicycle rental (20m), Fittness (2km), Tennis hall (2km), Tennis-court (800m), Horse riding (3,5km), Squash (2,5 km), Schwimming-pool (800m), Swimming-pool (30m), Schwimming-pool (30m), Sauna (v holetu), Baseball field (60m), football pitch (2,5 km), Ice hockey stadium (2,5 km), Water Sport, Beach volleyball, Shooting-range, Boat rental, Billiard, Ski school, Solarium (v hotelu), Golf, Centre winter sports (25km), Ski lift (25km), Ski rental (25km), Ski routes (100m), Bike routes (50km), Whirpool (v hotelu), Centre summer sports (60m)

Congress services:
Air-conditioning, Barrier-free Access, Telephone, Stage, Translation Services, Fax, TV, Video , Camera, CD Player, Slide Projector, Data projector, , Cassette Player, Blackboard, Internet Connection, Dance Floor, Speaker Stand, Copier, Overhead Projector, Sound Services, DVD player, Special Lighting, PC, Coat Room, Safety box, Projection screen, Flower Arrangements, Flipchart, Wireless microphone

Capacity for conferences:

Lounge no.1 (Seating capacity 36)

Lounge no.2 (Seating capacity 22)

Lounge no.3 (Seating capacity 12)

Accommodation Price-list:

Date1 bedroom2 bedroomAdditional bedApartment

Currency: EUR

Price includes:

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